About Us

Information About Bluebonnet Pools

Mission Statement

Bluebonnet Pools, strives to adhere to Biblical standards and principles in the way we conduct ourselves and do business with our clientele. We strive to, not only fulfill our business promises, but go above and beyond what may be considered “normal”, to give you the highest-quality service at a reasonable and competitive price.

Business Philosophy

At Bluebonnet Pools, it is our philosophy to authentically live by these principles:

  • Our clients are our focus. Listening carefully, and truly hearing them is the key to good communication and good business.
  • Treat clients like family, and always the way we want to be treated.
  • Maintain integrity and the highest level of quality and professionalism in everything we do.
  • Create the best possible experience for clients through the services we provide for them, and the way we treat them.
  • Simply put, we serve the needs of our clients, and put them first.

About The Company

Bluebonnet Pools, Inc. is a locally-owned family business, started in 1984, in the beautiful city of Austin, TX. We are Austin’s one-stop-shop for full-service pool cleaning service and pool repair service.

Our specialties include:

With over 40 years of experience in the pool cleaning and pool repair business, and the incredible depth of knowledge this brings, Bluebonnet Pools’ reputation as the “Pool Experts” stands on its own merit. We are true masters of our craft. As such, we have the ability to offer the highest standard of quality, at very competitive prices.

We continue our ongoing dedication to investing in our team of experts, keeping their knowledge base up to date with the latest and greatest technologies and industry best-practices, as well as safety protocols.

Our excellent reputation is due to our clear core values, and our belief that establishing relationships with our clientele, based on the Golden Rule, is not only the best way, but the only way to do business.

At our core, we believe that honesty, integrity, courtesy, trust, dignity, and respect should underpin everything we do, and we are committed to living this belief.

This philosophy has proven to produce “fine fruit” in the community, with the long-term relationships and friendships we’ve established, and continue to nurture, year after year.

Find out why we stand out as having best-in-class customer service.

As required by state law, we are licensed with the State of Texas as a Residential Appliance Installation Contractor (RIAC license TICL 242).

About The Owners

In 1975, Randy Slagle, founder of Bluebonnet Pools Inc., began his career in the pool industry when he helped to build a local pool service company in Austin, Texas that is still around today.

In 1979, with a desire to diversify and move forward, Randy stepped out and launched a swimming pool construction company.

That same year, he married his wife of over 40 years, Kim.

In 1984, Randy and Kim developed a business plan to supply Austin with a swimming pool service company that focused mainly on everything needed after the swimming pool was built. They named it Bluebonnet Pools Inc. and opened a store front located at 8108 Mesa Drive.

Their goal was to provide a professional pool service and a quality product that would meet the needs and desires of the pool owners in Austin and the surrounding area. Looking back through over 40 years, Randy and Kim have continued to accomplish that goal. Along the way, they have trained and put together a team of experts that have been with Bluebonnet Pools throughout most of the journey, ensuring the continued quality of service and reliability that Austin has come to know and trust both now and for years to come.

Honesty. Integrity. Courtesy.